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“It wasn’t because he believed you weren’t capable of handling a call alone,” officer Dan Lee said at Mathews’ funeral Thursday.“Instead he believed, ‘If you go, I go, and if you should happen to fall, then we’ll fall together.’ ” Mathews’ final call last Friday was simple enough: clearing debris in the way of drivers on Hwy. In the course of that task he was fatally struck by a car, driven by a woman allegedly on her phone and under the influence of drugs.“He just saw life very clearly, and he understood his calling.” Budolfson joked about how he once asked Mathews if he might ever write him a speeding ticket. ” “Bill saw things as right or wrong, with very little margin in the middle,” he said. “We can never replace your dad, but we can do our best to make sure we try,” he told the boy.“I know your dad would’ve done the same for me.” Lee said he saw Mathews not just as a partner but as a friend.“With Bill, there was never goodbye,” Lee said, holding back tears.

Gallery: Lowell Lankford of Plymouth held and American Flag as the funeral processions for Wayzata Police Officer Bill Mathews passed by Lake Minnetonka to Summit Park Cemetery were he will be buried Thursday September 14,2017 in Wayzata, MN.’ ” Beth Freeman, 54, of Mound, has been charged in connection with Mathews’ death.She made her first court appearance Tuesday, and prosecutors said she had been talking on her cellphone and under the influence of drugs when she struck Mathews.Relatives and colleagues remembered him as a man of principle, one who put his love of the law and family above all else.“He had a willingness to help even when not asked,” said Craig Budolfson, his brother-in-law.

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